Double Island Point and
Teewah Beach

Great Surf Beach

Double Island Point is our most eastern location and hosts our historic lighthouse and Conservation Park. The views are spectacular. Marine life, particularly dolphins, whales (in season), turtles, sharks, sting rays, manta rays, dugongs and fish can be enjoyed from this headland. The point is easiest accessed on the southern side where a steep path leads up to the lighthouse and caretaker’s houses. Very popular surfing beach.

The Coloured Sands

Travelling from the Rainbow Beach Township you will also pass our beautiful Coloured Sands. The cliffs boast over 70 different sand colours and are arguably better on the Rainbow side of Double Island.

Beach Camping

Camping is not permitted along the beach between Rainbow Beach township & Double Island Point, however there is a 15 km camping zone between the Noosa Shire boundary and Little Freshwater Creek that allows camping. There are no facilities provided and we strongly encourage campers to bring their own portable toilet. A waste dump point is available at the Freshwater day-use area. You will also need to purchase a Vehicle Permit to travel along the beach.


Camping permits must be obtained prior to arrival.

Bymien Picnic Area

Conventional or 2WD vehicles can access Bymien picnic area from Rainbow Beach Road, turn off 4 km south of Rainbow Beach, onto 3 km of unsealed road.

Beach Fishing

Vehicle Access

You are only able to access Double Island Point via 4WD vehicle or on foot. You will need a Vehicle Access Permit to travel.

The walk is a 2.2km return trip. Well worth the effort.

Leisha Track

The Leisha Track connects the Rainbow Beach side to the Teewah Beach side and is often tricky to access with overhanging sticks impeding entry. Tides play a vital role in enabling movement along this stretch and as a general rule sightseers should plan their travel no later than 2 hours either side of low tide.

Freshwater Campground

The Freshwater campground is located 8km south of Double Island Point along Teewah Beach. This is only accessible by 4WD via Teewah Beach or the inland Freshwater Track. There are 59 semi-formalised sites in bush surroundings, set approximately 500 m inland from Teewah Beach. Campfires, domestic animals, and generators are not permitted. Facilities include showers, toilets, fresh water (treat before use), & gas BBQ’s.

The Freshwater Track

This track is for 4WD’s only and is an inland link from Rainbow Beach to the Freshwater Campground and onto Teewah Beach. It is often rough in sections. Low clearance vehicles, campers and trailers are not recommended. Stunning rainforests are dotted throughout the magnificent coastal forests. Quite an adventure. Best to avoid during peak times. A Vehicle Access Permit is required once past the Bymien Picnic Area.

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