A very warm hello to you all…… I’m Rachel (pictured here with my Uncle Cliff doing some campsite repairs with the soldering iron).

A Journey from birth…..

Since the age of 1 I have been climbing into my dads old Landrover (affectionately known as Gerty). We would stop and camp wherever we could with only the barest essentials to eat, sleep and wash with. Back then there were a lot of undeveloped roads, very basic equipment and facilities few and far between. I remember driving through many creeks, crossing rickety old bridges and chasing blue tongue lizards from underneath the tent. The old canvas water bag hanging off the bullbar…jumping in rivers and creeks to bathe……I loved it.

The dream becomes reality……

Last year I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Cassie while camping at Inskip Point. I couldn’t believe an amazing business like Rainbow Beach Hire A Camp existed. As a passionate camper for the past 40 years this represented my dream job. When I heard that Cassie was ready to move on ….. the door to my future opened.

Camping or Glamping???

Camping has come a long way since then. The appearance of flushing toilets, hot water on demand, shower systems and comfortable beds that don’t deflate means you don’t have to be covered in sand and roughing it anymore. Your campsite can now be as basic or as luxurious as you want .

Close to
Easter Egg Hunt…..

One experience to remember as a 5 year old was our Easter camping trip to the Little Desert in Victoria. Dad had made easter bunny tracks in the dirt all around the tent (much easier to do when camping than the old talcum powder on the lounge room floor and the best part is.. no mess for mum to clean up!) How much fun was that Easter egg hunt as my sister and I raced around the bush finding eggs in trees, on logs, behind the tent with dad giving clues to the harder ones while laughing and taking photos. The absolute joy of having now given this same experience to my son here at Inskip Point are memories to treasure forever.

Inskip Point discovered…….

Many years later and after many more exciting and adventurous trips I headed North from Victoria. The Gold Coast became my home . From here I travelled to anywhere I could to camp and along the way I discovered the beautiful Rainbow Beach and Inskip Point. Wow! What an amazing place. It quickly became the preferred destination for many of my camping trips.

Close to
Above and beyond….

For the last 20 years I have brought family and friends to this gorgeous place and provided camping experiences they will remember forever. I am excited to do this for you too and truly believe you will experience an amazing camping holiday that will go beyond your expectations.

All ages welcome…….

Camping is such a great family experience. My son, Talyn’s first trip was at 4 months old. Some people shy away from bringing babies camping, I know that if you have the right set up it is an absolutely wonderful experience and much easier than you might think. Talyn is just as passionate about camping and looks forward to every trip, meeting up with other kids he has met on previous trips and making newfound friendships, some that will last a lifetime. A special time for me is watching all the kids gather to hunt shells, chase sand crabs and find all sorts of beach treasures. Building sandcastles, games of Frisbee, bodyboarding in the shallows and kite flying on windy days then at night time games of spotlight begin. As a parent it is so satisfying to have time to relax and watch your kids having so much fun ….. without wanting their computer!

Live, breathe and love it……..

40 years of personal camping experience, a former camping specialist at BCF and 1st place winner of the Passionate Camping program for BCF Australia means you can relax knowing you are in the hands of someone who lives, breathes and loves this outdoor life. My knowledge of the market is to your advantage through having seen new products as they hit the market and using the opportunity to study, test and compare their differences. Add this to the feedback from talking with all my wonderful customers to hear what has and hasn’t worked on their latest trip and you know your campsite will be catered to suit your needs.

See you soon

We have now rebranded our business to Rainbow Beach Ultimate Camping to truly reflect what we are about. Our passion is to take away the hard work and give you the opportunity to embrace and enjoy the great outdoors of Australia while educating how to protect our environment for generations to come. So come on, all you need to do is drive on in and have the ultimate experience that you will remember forever.. we can’t wait to meet you J